EPB&B Prevention Mention : New Heat Rules Implemented By Oregon OSHA

Heat waves continue to break temperature records summer after summer; in response Oregon OSHA has cemented new heat safety rules to regulate employers. At Elliott, Powell, Baden, & Baker, we are always keeping an eye on new regulations that will affect our clients. Some of these regulations have changed from what Oregon businesses might be used to. Below are some key takeaways to review:

Tier 1 (80 Degrees or Higher )Tier 2 (90 Degrees or Higher)
Shaded break area must:
~Have open air/mechanical ventilation
~Be close as possible to work area
~Have seating for every worker scheduled to break
Drinking Water:
~1 qt/hr of water per employee
~77 degrees or cooler
~No caffeinated drinks
Supervisor and employee training 
~Environmental factor awareness (exertion, clothing,PPE, etc.)
~Regulation procedural compliance 
~Immediate symptom reporting and first aid access 
High heat practices:
~Water 65 Degrees or cooler
~Regular and effective communication
~Mandatory buddy system 
~Mandatory paid 10min breaks every two hours regardless of shift length
Emergency Medical Plan Required
~Immediately remove employee from worksite
~Provide with means/place to cool down
~Contact EMS, ensure clear and precise directions to the worksite  

As summer approaches, EPB&B is available as a resource to help you review your site safety regarding heat rules. We have access to a variety of tools to help you navigate the heat and smoke that Oregon workers face every year. Our goal is to keep our clients and business partners within OSHA regulations and employees safe from many of the severe symptoms related to heat stress.       


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