Donate To Stone Soup And EPB&B Will Match Your Gift

Donate this week to Stone Soup and Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker will match your donation!

 EPB&B is so lucky to work with so many wonderful non profits in the Portland area, and ths season we are happy so see one of our favorite organizations, Stone Soup, as a highlighted non profit in Willamette Week’s Holiday Give!Guide! This week for every dollar raised the week of December 11-17th, EPB&B will match that donation up to the first $5000. 

Stone Soup Empowers Individuals to Feed Communities.  Stone Soup trains in workforce development and hands on culinary expertise to people who might otherwise be facing homelessness. Their participants learn the skills necessary to obtain gainful employment by making tasty, healthy and fresh meals for shelter guests, all within a trauma-informed environment.

With funds being tight for so many this year, it is more important than ever that people who donate feel their money is making a difference to the organizations to which they choose to give. Rest assured your money makes a big impact for those involved at Stone Soup.

 Participants not only get the training for free, but Stone Soup  pays them a stipend to train as well.  The more fund raised, the more people they can help develop skills that can give them tools to earn a living.

“ We have calculated that for every dollar we raise through donations, we are doing $7.55 worth of good in the community,” Says Stone Soup Executive Director Craig Gerard.

Community members can also support our program by purchasing soup subscriptions and supporting monthly pop-up dinners. 
Please help support Stone Soup this week by donating here .

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