An Exceptional Customer Experience  Continues With Our New VP of First Impressions

Exceptional customer service at EPB&B starts from the very first interaction, and that is why we believe one of the most important positions at our agency starts at the front desk with our Vice President of First Impressions.

This position is used as an entryway into the insurance business, it is a program over time that has given those looking for a new career to see if insurance is a good fit for them, and gives a  person insight into the different opportunities available to them within EPB&B  and the industry.  It is so successful, that the past seven-team members to hold this position have moved on to other positions in the agency, including Sharif Morton who has recently been promoted to a Commercial Lines Assistant. 

This week we are pleased to welcome our new Vice President of First Impressions, Arlene Sieler. We have asked Arlene to share a little bit about herself.

  • What Make You Interested In A Career In Insurance? I’ve never worked in the insurance industry before this, but I’m really excited to learn more from everyone and see what makes insurance fun! 
  • What Made You Choose EPB&B As The Next Step In Your Career Path? I recently moved to Portland with my partner, and I wanted to find a job that was more of a career, something to grow into, and somewhere I could apply myself. I was especially drawn to the environment of the workplace and how nice everyone is. 
  • Any Fun Facts To Help Others Get To Know You A Bit? Fun facts about me, I have a double degree in history and psychology. I have a 3-year-old cat named Lincoln. And I enjoy playing dungeon and dragons with my friends online! 

Welcome Arlene, we are happy to have you as part of the team. 

Arelene Sieler, Vice President Of First Impressions
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