EPB&B Welcomes Commercial Lines Assistant, Bobby Le

At Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker we have a solid team of experienced people who have any years of experience and tremendous knowledge of the insurance industry. It is because of this we are always looking to add those who may be new to the insurance industry but have dedication to helping people, an emphasis on customer service and the willingness to learn from our talented team members. It is in this vain, that we are very happy to introduce our new Commercial Lines Assistant Bobby Lee. Here are just a few reasons we are confident Bobby will be a great fit to our team.

  1. What is your professional background? My background is more grounded within the industry of education. Though I’m on the younger side of my professional career, I’ve taught a handful of years spanning across several different age groups and grade levels! Particularly, my experience mainly engaged with students in secondary school (grades 7th-12th). However, I’ve also dabbled within the realms of teaching at the university level, as well as having short stints with teaching elementary. 
  2. What do you look forward to the most about working in the insurance industry? Because of my background in education, I’m extremely new to the insurance industry. However, there are several facets of insurance that I find both fascinating and get me personally passionate about. One reason that I wanted to come into the insurance industry was being able to have the ability to give others peace of mind in several areas of their lives. I believe that insurance allows people to engage more with what presently happens in their lives without having to stress about the future what-ifs and what-nots. That’s a personal value that I hold high, having the opportunity to act while being sure that everything will be okay!
  3. What made you choose EPB&B as the next step in your career path? As I’m so new to the insurance industry, I really wanted to search for a company that would guide and teach me patiently through the process, as well as a company that has distinguished values that they consistently stand on. EPB&B has championed both non-negotiables in my eyes, and I couldn’t be prouder to join this team specifically. I’ve been welcomed exceptionally well, met with understanding and grace that I’m learning the ins and outs of the insurance industry, and have seen that EPB&B as a company have an unshakeable character that they hold highly.  I couldn’t ask for a better company to start my insurance career with!
  4. Tell us a little more about yourself? When I’m not knee deep in learning about insurance, I like to spend a lot of time travelling and discovering new food adventures.  New experiences within these two areas of my life are a personal passion project, as I love getting to understand different cultures and perspectives through their local food. Besides these hobbies, I’m a big basketball fan and could talk ball all day!  

Welcome Bobby, we are so happy to have you join us at EPB&B Insurance.

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