Q&A With Molly Martin: Get To Know EPB&B’s  New Surety Producer 

Elliott, Powell Baden, and Baker is excited to introduce our new Surety Producer, Molly Martin.  Molly has been working in the surety industry for six years and has over twenty years of experience working in some aspects of the construction industry.  We asked Molly to share a bit about her experience, her career path, and her life outside of work. 

What is it that you like about working in the industry? I love the constantly changing environment of risk management for construction. I love to see clients’ projects from beginning to end and those usually start with bonds. I enjoy working with a client who wants to grow their business from smaller jobs to much larger projects. Bonding capacity is important to help in this process, and there are ways to guide a client through smart growth that is sustainable. The insurance side of construction is not stagnant, the insurance regulations, the forms from carriers, the economy’s effect on building, and products offered for insurance require you to be engaged and aware. It keeps me on my toes – I love it!

What made you choose EPB&B as the next step in your career path? EPB&B is a unique agency. The current landscape of agencies in OR and WA is mass consolidation, and a large firm like that does not appeal to me. I am community-focused, and Pacific NW-focused. We have unique projects here, and I’ve always leaned toward the community mindset in my sales background. How can I help my community? How can I help my clients? I am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences that got me here. I love the ability to give back and to be a resource for my clients rather than bottom-line focused. EPB&B models this approach as well. The agency’s pride and commitment to the community around is visible, and I think Marc Baker does a great job at supporting us as agents to keep this mindset. I’m so excited to build a home here and keep growing.

What would you like to share about your life outside of work?  I am an ultramarathoner currently training for a 200-mile race around Lake Tahoe. We have 5 children and are currently living in our home construction addition.  I have some stories if anyone wants to hear them!

Thank you Molly, and welcome to the team.