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EPB&B is open for business during this trying time.  We request you try to contact us via telephone or email before visiting the office.  Almost all our employees are working remotely for the time being.


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personal life & health

Even with the recent changes in health insurance at the national level, there's still a need for individual insurance policies.

EPB&B Life & Health account manager Jennifer French

Our Life & Health department is able to place policies with all the major health insurance companies in the Pacific Northwest.  We have great relationships with these companies, and our staff has deep knowledge of this often-complicated area of insurance.  So we can help you.

We also are able to place life insurance policies with almost every carrier.  We will work with you to find the best policy, at the best price, with the best company.

Contact us today, and let's get started.


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An apple a day may be true, but some health lore isn’t

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t swim within an hour after eating, a glass of warm milk helps you fall asleep, and doctors always save the patient right before the last commercial.  Right?

Maybe, but you’re right to be skeptical.  Many common beliefs about health don’t hold up to clinical research (and once in a while a TV patient dies).  In the winter months, although you do need to dress warmly, you don’t need to worry about these often-repeated words of advice:

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