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One of the most frustrating insurance experiences can be poorly chosen and poorly written auto policies.  At EPB&B, our aim is to make sure you have the best auto insurance coverage for the best price - and that any claims you have are handled to your satisfaction.


EPB&B Personal Lines Account Manager - New Business

Angela Olson

One area of focus for our Personal Lines team is ensuring you get all the best discounts.  For example, we'll make every attempt to place your homeowners' and auto insurance with the same carrier - unless that doesn't work for you!  Other types of discounts you may qualify for include good driver, good student, and making sure you're driving a safe car.

Our dedicated claims specialist is on-call for you.  We'll act as your advocate, to make sure your claims process is smooth.  You can also print your auto ID cards directly from our web site, 24/7.


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Did you know Oregon Mutual offers 12-month auto policies?  You can lock in a low rate for 12 whole months, plus you can take advantage of all the great features offered by Oregon Mutual.  Give us a call asap at 503-227-1771.

Will a violent, bloody, video stop people from texting while driving?  

Texting while driving is an alarming new trend that takes multi-tasking to an entirely new and incredibly dangerous level. Check out this 4-minute video, made in a small town in Wales, that was intended for local high school students to show them the dangers of texting and driving. But now, more than 1.5 million people have watched it on YouTube (*WARNING the video does contain graphic images*).  If you have kids who think they can text or talk on the phone while driving, show them this video.

Talking or texting while driving caused or contributed to 362 accidents in Oregon in 2007 which is up 82% over 2004.  Oregon has now joined six other states (including California and Washington) in a ban on hand-held cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle.  A ticket for the primary offense will cost up to $90; similar to the fine for not wearing a seat belt.

Consumers and car dealers have expressed their concern that their "clunker" engines had to be permanently disabled before a cash for clunkers reimbursement could be processed.  The fact the a "clunker" engine would be disabled before a participating dealer submitted a trade, made it impossible for a car dealer to "back out"  a deal for any reason.

The NHTSA has responded to automotive trade organizations and has changed  two important rules effective immediately. Consumers who would like to track the latest updates for the Cash for Clunkers program can follow this Twitter feed:

NHTSA Final Rule Changed

The changes made to the rule NHTSA published on July 24, 2009 refer to the engine disablement process and proof of insurance for the states of Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

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