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If you own any kind of restaurant in the Pacific Northwest, you've got your eye on the bottom line - all the time.  Running a restaurant is much more than a full-time job, and the rewards are in your hands.  That's why you owe it to yourself to contact EPB&B for all your restaurant insurance needs, even if it's not renewal time yet.

We can provide insurance for:

  • general liability
  • property
  • spoilage
  • sexual harassment claims
  • special events
  • employment liability claims


...and we can do it for any kind of restaurant.  We insure standalone restaurants, franchises, chains, food carts, bars, dinner theaters, and even food production facilities (commercial kitchens).


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EPBB and President Marc Baker, Alissa Mishler and Ronni Phillips were thrilled to accept the Associate Member of the Year Award from the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) last night at their annual convention and hospitality awards. First time ever that this award has gone to an insurance agency. Thank you so much for the honor!!


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