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How can I get pollution coverage?

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What is it?

Pollution insurance can cover cleanup costs that are required by governmental authority as a result of a release of pollutants from a scheduled site that occurs during the policy period.  Insurance can also be purchased to cover third party liability caused by a release.  There are various contractors' pollution policies and site pollution policies available as well. Give us a call today and we will discuss your needs and help you find the right product.

Who needs it?

If your business deals with potentially pollution-causing activities, whether you are a contractor or a gas station, you should have pollution coverage.  This insurance is mandatory for some types of businesses.

Who pays the premiums?

The business owner pays the premiums.

Anything else I should know?

Pollution insurance is one of the trickier insurance products.  Not all insurance agencies are able to provide it, and even fewer are good at providing it.  How much do you need?  What insurance company is best for you?  Pollution insurance is our area of expertise. 


Some policies are different from what's described here.  Be sure to read and understand your individual insurance policy.


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